The 100-Day Strategy gives your organization professional strategic planning at a fraction of what most programs cost. Here’s the value you will receive:

  • Two-Hour Strategic Planning Session with CEO and Strategist Mark Affleck (vai Skype).
  • Comprehensive and customized 100-Day Strategic Action Plan.
  • One-Hour meeting at 100 Days with CEO and strategist Mark Affleck (via Skype).

Limited Offer: One-time fee of $2950

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What people say about the 100-Day Strategic Plan

Mark is fantastic! He just just provided what my business needed to stop struggling, and we were able to identify all the “Yellow Chairs” together. His strategy had a huge impact in my agency because we started focusing on what really matters to grow our business. Our agency now has incredible productivity and results after a gamechanging strategy and a whole new organizational process. Mark, thank you so much for sharing your awesome skills and experiences to clarify our path!

Guilherme Correia
Business Director, Twelve Agency


A yellow chair is like that heirloom relic you have to decorate around and never end up with a positive result. Transformation plans in many organizations today fall short of expectations because they are encumbered by the intellectual and emotional equivalents of that yellow chair. Anything that prevents identifying the key issues that will dictate the future is a yellow chair. Anything in the way of transforming today to arrive alive tomorrow is a yellow chair. Or yellow chairs might be thinking things like We can’t do that!; We’ve always done it this way!; We’ve got the best staff around!