But, wait…didn’t the stock market just zoom to another record level?

Sure did.

It’s now impossible to tell if the economy is up or down on any given day. As you can see in the accompanying graphic, headlines scream—at the same time–about soaring successes and terrifying tailspins. They confirm that we are in the vortex of a white-hot competitive cauldron—roiling, churning and rocking. They confirm that every enterprise on the planet is at risk. They confirm that no industry or sector of the economy gets an immunity pass.

Welcome to the “Change Age” where normalcy is under siege and predatory competitors break convention and change the rules every day. Our borderless world is swimming in a technological slipstream that has all of us wondering just what the heck is going on. Even the best leaders are scratching their heads in puzzlement and looking for direction on how to lead their organizations in this uncertain world.

It’s a hard question to answer, but one of the most important of the “new rules” is the imperative of responding to the forces and issues hitting the organization today that will determine whether or not it arrives alive tomorrow.


I can help you identify your organization’s yellow chairs and then create strategic imperatives–what must be done—in order to produce organizational transformation “on time.”

If you are slogging through this unfriendly climate, or even just standing still in it, YellowChair Strategy will work for you.