About Mark


“Change itself has changed. Management consultants have declared that change used to be a bridge to a new road, BUT NOW IT IS THE ROAD.

Unfortunately, that notion won’t fly with most organizations accustomed to making a risk-averse move only after receiving a signal that a shift was already underway.”

Mark Affleck


About Mark Affleck

Mark is a nationally recognized expert on strategy, marketing, issues management, state and federal lobbying, board leadership and persuasive communications. He has delivered his “Yellow Chair Seminar” around the world and consulted with Fortune 500 companies.

  • Publisher-in-Chief: RP Magazine Group
  • President & CEO: California Avocado Commission
  • Global Executive Director: Saddleback Church’s PEACE Plan
  • President & CEO: YellowChair Strategy, Inc.
  • California State University, Chico: BA Communications
  • Pepperdine University: MBA CEO/Presidential Program
  • USC: School of Management Certificate
  • Harvard University: Principles of Persuasion Certificate
  • Stanford University: Organizational Change Certificate
  • Rockbridge University: Masters in Ministry Leadership
What I do:

I’m an action-oriented leader who inspires and motivates people to transform an issue, team, or entity in a tenacious competition to create value, reach end-state goals, and “win.” My core distinctions:

  • Distilling deeply complex scenarios to “see” the future.
  • Identifying “yellow chairs” that prevent transformation.
  • Developing strategic imperatives – what must be done.
  • Delivering powerful and persuasive communications.
A deeper dig:

The launch of YellowChair Strategy, Inc. comes out of two significant and life-defining experiences:

1st: The sweeping transformation Yellow Chair Strategy produced at the California Avocado Commission – while CEO, the U.S. Avocado Category skyrocketed from $90 million to $1 Billion in annual sales.

2nd: Observing the overwhelming growth this approach produced in people when I was the Executive Director of the P.E.A.C.E. Plan – generating the ability to transform and streamline obsolete processes embedded in cultures across our now-borderless globe.