It works in every situation, including YOURS.

Whether it’s for a $1 billion business; a small local church in Kansas; a one-person freelancer working on-line; or a corporate CEO…

The way to start building an effective strategy is the SAME and it’s simple.

In fact, the “how-to” list for a Strategic Interruption actually only has one point–Challenge Your Assumption Trail.

You can do this quickly in your head or on a napkin.

Every organization has an Assumption Trail.  Every non-profit has one.  Every church has one.

I’ve developed several thousand strategies and in my experience most organizations have only 3 key assumptions that drive them into the future.  Those are the assumptions that must be challenged and doing that should create an interruption—the first step in developing an effective strategy.

You’re only looking for 3!

Here they are:


For the future, what dangerous changes are you assuming will not happen inside your operating ecosystem?


What strategic moves by your top competitor (that could hurt you) are you assuming they will not make?


Are you assuming you could never lose your biggest customer?  What would happen to your business if you did?

Challenging assumptions is the best way to identify your YELLOW CHAIRS.  What’s a yellow chair?  The Yellowchairstrategy story.

Are your assumptions correct?  Are you sure?

The goal is to interrupt your current thinking about where you’ve been, are now, and will be going.  If you can at least surface, if not confront, the possibility that your most cherished assumptions are flawed, then you’re headed toward developing good strategy. If these assumptions are left unchallenged, there is no chance to transform the “today” in order to arrive alive in the future “tomorrow.”

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