Is your organization:
Stalled? Stuck? Underperforming?
  • Do you need to START building a plan today to compete tomorrow?
  • Do you need to STRENGTHEN your existing competitive position?
  • Do you need to SURVIVE the challenges you are facing right now?

If answered yes to any those questions, YellowChair Strategy can help you.

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“I’ve been hunting for yellow chairs my entire career as a CEO and strategist.

It’s my life’s passion and professional purpose.

And I can do it for you.”

What’s a yellow chair?

My engineer father pounded the yellow chair metaphor into me as a kid growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He used it to describe anything that was marginalized by a lack of vision, clarity and purpose.

The story would start with an inherited and very ugly yellow chair that makes the ideal outcome impossible.

It would continue with a predictable series of redecorating plans. New carpet. Paint. Accessories. Window coverings. No change. Each and every attempt would fail because the yellow chair was still influencing all the decisions.

The story’s ending always featured an enlightened chap ditching the yellow chair and, for the first time, being able to achieve the desired outcome by starting with a fresh vision for the room and proceeding only with the elements needed to make that vision a reality.

That’s the yellow chair metaphor. Thanks, dad.

What’s the point today?

Most leaders fall short in transforming their organization because they are encumbered by the intellectual and emotional equivalents of that yellow chair.

Anything that prevents us from identifying the key issues that will dictate our future is a yellow chair.

Anything in the way of transforming today to arrive alive tomorrow is a yellow chair.

Yellow chairs might be thinking you have a “right” to market share or other cultural dynamics that scream:

• “We can’t do that!”

• “We’ve always done it this way!”

• “We’ve got the best team in the business!”

I’ll stop there, but the list of yellow chairs in organizational life is very long indeed. They’re everywhere.

That’s why I launched YellowChair Strategy in 2012 to help leaders:

  • Identify yellow chairs that marginalize performance.
  • Develop leaders and maximize team-based leadership.
  • Implement transformative strategies today to arrive alive tomorrow.

Strategy is ALWAYS about the future.

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